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TC-2022C Wire cut strip crimp & inserting Housing with soldering machine

TC-2020WT Wire-to-Board connector & soldering machine

               Hi-Speed & Different Wire Length    New Design

TC-2022C Wire-to-Board connector machine

TC-2022C is for the Molex VH3.96 / JST XH2.54 series connector from 2P to 6P. The customs order made is welcome, we have our own in-house design-house engineer team and our CNC working equipment to built-up the automation moving hardware parts.

- We design your machine to work for you.  - Fully Automatic high-performance operation.

- Low Noise.  - Easy Maintenance. - Customs order made is welcome. 

TC-2022C - new released for custom-order-made.

TC-2022C - new released for custom-order-made.

TC-2022C VH3.96 / XH2.54 connector assembly machinee

TC-2022MT Multi-core cable Wire Cut Strip Crimping  & Tinning Machine