TC-2017 series machine :

TC-2017 series  since the year 2017 :

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#TC-2017CT   5 wires Cut strip Crimp & Tin machine (Max. 3 meters)

#TC-2017CTS AWG #16 Cut strip Crimp & Tin machine

#TC-2017BC   5 wires Cut strip Both End Crimp machine

#TC-2017BT    5 - 15 wires Cut strip & Both Ends Tin machine (Min. 14 mm)

#TC-2017BT2   5 - 10 wires Cut strip & Both Ends Tin & Flat Cable wire Both End Tin machine '2-IN-1'

#TC-2017CTB    5 wires Both Ends Crimp / Crimp & Tin machine '2-IN-1 Machine'

"Accurate - Durable - Easy to repair - Highly professional design -Japanese/Taiwan/Chinese parts"

"精確 - 耐用 - 維修便利 - 高專業設計 - 日本/台灣/中國部件 "

* New Developments Machines are in Testing or Designing, Please tell us your needed machine to work for you. 

6 functions in 1 machine.

5 Wire processing on 1.

4 works by 1 click.

Auto Cut Strip Crimp Tin 4 works by only 1 click.

Specification & Features :

Product : Auto 5 wires cutting/stripping/crimping/half-stripping/twisting/soldering machine

Model No.: TC-2017   =6 in 1 machine=

Machine Functions & Design  :

-01. Wire cutting    -02.  2 End strippings  -03.  1 End half stripping

-04. 1 End twisting   -05. 1 End termainal crimping    -06. 1 End tinning

-07. wire feeding inspection auto check.  -08. Crimping inspection auto check.

-09. new detector alram & remind operation pause system.

-10. Machine operation easily and fully free training supported. After service and  engineers training are all included."

TC-2017    1 machine =  4 ~ 5 traditional machines 

Features  : 

  • This machine is designed for the process of stripping the wire and then crimping or tinning or other functions as different wire required.
  • The outstanding new feature of this device is, unlike other similar traditional machines, it can separate the different functions, and also can use the both or several function together on crimping and stripping or tinning or half stripping. .The high performance desing, TC-2017 machine  is with several traditional machine functions at one. 
  • This machine USED different famous brand high end/high cost approval MAIN PARTS, these are important to support the strickly accurancey and quick machine function operation. 
  • It also has different function options for operated selection.: automatic, manual, and a continuation device for cost down and saving time of wire processing. 
  • You can adjust the continuation device according to the type of wire you use. After each cutting/stripping/crimping/tinning works -  the machine will be in a ready position for another wire processing. 
  • Compare other traditional machine, TC-2017 is equipped with more new accurate KEY CONTROL PARTS and MOLDS and different HOLDERS and MOLD and DEVICE SET which holds and moves the wire properly and helps the accurate stripping and cutting and crimping and tinning.
  • The alarm and dector device design is a convenient way, to remind the machine operator. So,complications & failure and loss are avoided.
  • The special designed touch panel with computer digital operation software allows operator to adjust all different wire processing requirements. The parameters are all available for adjusting on the LCD touch panel computer software system.
  • All the above is also support : a. cutting accurancy range within 0.20mm. b. stripping min. 0.5mm up. b. soldering depth min. 0.3 ~0.5mm c.The cutting min. 18mm and stripping length is min. 0.5mm are easy operation for TC-2017.. 

Machine Specification

Wire Size

AWG# 18~32   (5 wires processing at 1 time)


6000 ~ 7000 pcs per hour  Stripping and Crimping or Tinning

Cutting length

14 mm ~ 510  mm (Order made >510 mm or >2500 mm)

Cutting Accuracy

0.3 mm +/-  (0.001  x total length)

Stripping Length

0.5 ~ 7mm (Order made >7mm)


4 ~ 7mm


0.5 ~ 7mm (Order-made 15mm)

Crimping Machine

Crimping force

1.5T (As per Customer order.)

Operation method

Automatic Detector control


Wire overload, wire load, terminal overload, terminal load, crimp miss, crimp detection, and wires knotting, Mechanical checking, air pressure low.

Machine size 


350 KGS



Air compressor 

Air Pressure

0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa. (Please to select the >0.8Mpa air compressor.)

Development & Update / 機器開發 & 更新規格 :

機器功能升級及其他新裝置設備 將在報價及訂單上列出,不在此詳述! 客戶 可諮詢了解有關新TC-2017的更多詳細信息。 機器更新開發由我們的團隊設計完成。


The other new devices/equipment to enhance high level machine character and for machine operator that will be listed on inquiry and orders, Please send inqury to know more about new TC-2017. The machine update development has been doing by our teamwork design house, The new update to creat the more machine demand. 

How to Create an Effective Product Compliance Program design is 1 of our goal.

5 Short wires Crimping and Tinning.

The stable and high quality cutting/stripping/crimping/tinning wires to make the good orders for TC-2017 machine owner.

The Applicators can be changed for used on different crimping terminal.

The Applicators can be changed for used on different crimping terminal.

😀We get lots of feedback from TC-2017 machine with easy operation. Man-power saving, wire processing quality all approved by QC departments.😀

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